Looking for volunteers for a kick-off in Kenya

Cape Town, 2017-02-14

Established already in South Africa and now also in Kenya: PLAY HANDBALL.

Handball is well-known in Kenya and part of school sports in elementary-school, but many public schools lack knowledge about the sport, coaches and equipment. PLAY HANDBALL will help to close these gaps. The national association organizes school-competitions and there are some clubs. However, there is often a lack of sporting opportunities and diversity in the slum areas and in rural areas. PLAY HANDBALL also tries to help at that point.

After kick-off in October 2016 and a basic workshop in Nairobi (19 participants from eight organizations from Nairoi, Kisumu and Eldoret) was carried out, the enthusiasm among the participants was so great that they would have liked to play directly in a league. The goal, however, is to promote handball in Kenya in general. For this we have a three-point plan:

  1. Skill development with the help of volunteers.
  2. Capacity building by providing training-manuals and conducting-workshops.
  3. Create awareness and establishment of handball as a social development-tool through events like the Handball Supercup.

In order to achieve these goals, conversations has already been held with local coordination partners in Nairobi and in January 2017 a cooperation-agreement was concluded between George J. Otieno Nange and PLAY HANDBALL for the implementation and organization of programs in Kenya.

In addition, discussions were held with the first local partner-organizations and -institutions in Nairobi and Kisumu. In the process, a great interest emerged to integrate Handball into an empowerment project for young women in slums (Girls Empower Plus), as well as to spread the sport to primary schools.

Therefore we are looking for volunteers for projects in Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisumu and Luanda. Start of work is possible from now on and for 3 to 6 months.

Applications go to: info@play-handball.org.

We also offer two ”Weltwärts- mit Jugend im Ausland”-vacancies for PLAY HANDBALL in Kenya. The next selection date is on 25 February 2017 in Kiel (more information: www.jugend-im-ausland.de).

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