#stayathome means no work, no money, no food for many people in disadvantaged areas. 

We are collecting for Corona aid packages (nutrition, hygiene & fitness) to keep families from our partner projects in South Africa and Kenya healthy & fit.


How is the situation in the countries?

A lot of people have no financial reserves. In the areas where we work in with our sports & youth programs, the kids are dependent on daily meals at school. The parents are often day laborers or, as in Kenya, many children live with their grandparents, who have little financial means. Without the possibility to earn money, many families have nothing to eat and starve.

Why does Play Handball help?

Even if all sports activities are currently stopped and schools are closed, we do not want to stand by and watch. We at Play Handball would like to continue to support the children and young people in our partner programmes – instead of Handball & Education, we support them with Corona aid packages. And we ask you to get involved and help us.

What is a Corona aid package?

The aid packages consist of local food, hygiene products (incl. mask), corona information and fitness exercises. A package for a family of 4 people costs between 12.50 and 17.50 € per month.

How many aid packages are needed?

In South Africa there are about 300 families in eight partner communities. In Kenya we have 260 affected families, which we support with our partners in Juja, Kisumu and Machakos. Help us to overcome this difficult time together.


Donate to Play Handball Corona Help, share the campaign with friends, mobilize or even start your own fundraising campaign for us! Your help reaches the families directly and non-bureaucratically, without deductions, we guarantee it! We thank you for your support!

What has been achieved so far

We helped over 600 people until now: In South Africa, a porridge kitchen has been taking place in Lavender Hill for 9 weeks and 20 food support packages reached over 130 people in four communities in Cape Town. In Kenya 82 packages were delivered to families in Kisumu.

Status Corona aid of 18.06.2020:

Corona Aid in South Africa:

02 May 2020: 20 corona aid packages reach 136 people in communities in Cape Town.

Since 20 April 2020, Chery, our local coordinator, has been organising a daily porridge kitchen in the Cape Town district of Seawinds/ Lavender Hill. 150 to 200 people, many children, thus receive at least one warm meal a day and at the same time Chery educates people how they can protect themselves and others and keep fit.
Porridge meals served: 6340
Lunch served: 2100

Corona Aid in Kenya:

April 25, 2020: The first 26 packages are delivered in Kisumu by a private donation of our former volunteer Léon.

May 2020: With the support of OneTeam and Handball.Inspires another 56 packages are distributed.

Start your own Fundraising Campaign for PlayHandball Corona-Hilfe

Click on the link “Spendenaktion starten” and via Betterplace you can help us to collect for our handball kids and families in need. Start now and motivate your family, friends, teammates and colleagues to support you and us.