Combine your own birthday with an appeal for donations and ask your friends to collect together for a good cause.

Together we want to collect a donation through your birthdays. Money which will enable many disadvantaged children and young people to receive positive experiences, belonging and perspective through and with handball.


1. SUPER, that you want to use your birthday to collect donations! 

And it does not get complicated at all! After all, it’s your birthday and you want to enjoy the day!

2. Share your birthday donation wish with your friends/acquaintances/relatives! 

You invite someone to a birthday party or receive a birthday message? Say thank you, share your birthday donation wish and send this donation link:

If you like, you can use our ready-made message and customize it in nuances: »This year I would like to ask you for a donation for Play Handball instead of a gift. Together with other handball players and fans we want to use our birthdays to collect donations for Play Handball.  Money that goes directly and 100% to the children in Africa.«  If you send a wish card (see below for download), it will be even more personal!

3. Post the wish card of your choice on your social media channels and link us!

By posting on Instagram, Facebook and Co. you use your reach to encourage even more friends to donate! Link us @play.handball (Instagram) or @playhandballza (Facebook) and share your donation link:

4. The last step: Say thank you!

Link us in your post so that we know when your birthday is and that you support us with a birthday fundraiser. Then we can also tell you one or two days after your birthday how many donations have arrived on the donation account.

Thank your friends! Please use one of our thank you cards (see below for download) and add the total amount of your donation. You are welcome to link us again. Your text could look something like this: »KRASS, you are the best! Have a look at this! Because of your donations, many children in Africa now have the opportunity to play handball and receive education! THANK YOU«

Download your Thank You Card

Look at the current donation status!

Through your support and the donations of your families and friends we are getting closer and closer to our goal.

The young handball players and coaches in Africa are happy!