“Sponsor a club and be part of developing handball in underprivileged communities.” 

“Adopt-A-Club” is a program that provides targeted support to local community partners, focusing on disadvantaged and rural areas. It builds capacity and ensures sustainable handball structures. Sponsoring a community handball club can help contribute to meaningful sport development for young people.

Everything about Adobt-A-Club

A community sports club has an impact on the development of a community, and contributes to a healthy and social lifestyle in the community. Sporting events bring communities together and regular sporting activities not only develop children’s sporting skills, but also their personal and social development. A sports club is a safe place and provides a sense of belonging, especially for children in areas that have social difficulties.

Running a sports club and supporting the social development of a community requires a lot of resources and local input. PlayHandball aims to support and build sustainable sporting structures in local and disadvantaged communities. Ongoing cooperation and support is essential. Sustainable structures do not mean creating dependency, but unlocking the full potential of local people over the long term. We provide key educational resources to our partners through sport, while empowering community partners to sustain and grow their investment.

In essence, it is about making a long term, meaningful impact and promoting self-reliance.

By sponsoring a specific community club, you are helping us to provide sporting opportunities for young people in that community. The community becomes an active and safe place where children can play and fulfill their potential in sport and life.

By fundraising for a specific community club, you will be helping us to develop long-term, ongoing sporting opportunities for young people in that community, enabling the club to run weekly handball sessions and participate in competitions for the benefit of young people in their community.

Depending on its needs, your financial contribution supports the community club in a variety of ways. It can be used to cover some of the following resources and services:

  • pay stipend to coach(es), 
  • provide the equipment that the club needs, 
  • mentor the coach and give him/her handball coaching training in line with Play Handball’s methodology
  • mentor the club management 
  • access to educational handball database (books, rules, lessons, app) 
  • access to a network of like-minded people and other clubs

Other costs, if applicable:

  • pays league enrolment fees
  • contributes to the travel costs of the team to games and tournaments
  • contributes to healthy refreshments for players
  • and more.

Adoption or sponsorship means supporting a child, or in this case an organisation, until it can stand on its own. PlayHandball works with community based organisations (CBOs) and schools. These organisations apply to us to become partners. To become a PlayHandball partner, you must be committed to supporting young people and helping them develop not only as athletes but also as individuals. The application criteria to become an integral part of the PlayHandball support structure can be found here.

Our mission is to develop sustainable sporting structures and build lasting capacity for community organisations to become self-sustained. In order to provide meaningful support, important steps need to be taken in assessing and making decisions to provide needs-based, targeted support to grass-root organisations.

  1. The needs assessment is carried out with the local partner. 
  2. Based on the needs assessment, a specific action plan is developed, one that includes generic services as well as individualised support and interventions. 
  3. The implementation of the action plan is done in cooperation with the community club.
  4. Regular monitoring of activities is necessary and adjustments may be required.

A sports club influences its players not only on a sporting level, but also on a personal and social level. A club can have a positive impact on the local community as a whole, setting a positive example and attracting people. It can become a centre where children and young people, parents, local businesses and other members of the community come together to support a positive social cause. Each community’s impact may vary, depending on local structures. 


PlayHandball works with a local club and provides sporting and educational resources and services according to local needs. 

→ The local club is enabled to provide regular training sessions for young people and takes part in competitions.

→ The young people learn on and off the field, play handball and develop their sporting and social skills.

→ The young people develop and maintain a responsible and healthy lifestyle, complete their schooling and career path, and become active members of a sustainable, responsible and active society.

You choose who you want to support. Choose a community initiative from our partners currently registered in the “Adopt-A-Club” programme. Write to with subject “Adopt-A-Club” for more information and to become a donor to a community club to make a lasting and meaningful impact. 

Supporting the development of sustainable sports structures for the benefit of disadvantaged children and young people may be at the core of why you do what you do. Perhaps handball has given you a lot in your life and now you want to give something back? As an individual donor, a handball club or a company, you may have different reasons. Here are some of the benefits of sponsorship that may be relevant to you:

  • Cost savings through tax-deductible donation receipts
  • Gain sympathy by supporting a social cause specific to handball.
  • Additional presence, attention and contact time in the public and on your own social media with current and potential fans, members, sponsors or customers. You have a topic to talk about independently of your own story.
  • Increase the social responsibility and commitment of your own players or staff in the public eye.
  • Deepen and continue existing sponsorship priorities such as equality, inclusion or sustainability and align the commitment with existing CSR/CSI activities.

Fundraising Campaign for Bo-Kaap Handball Club

Check out the start of Philipp’s campaign for Bo-Kaap Handball Club in South Africa. Maybe you feel inspired to support Bo-Kaap Handball Club* or another local club.

* Please note that all funds are used directly for the Bo-Kaap Handball Club. However, if the funds donated exceed the needs of the community according to the needs assessment, the surplus funds will be used in favour of other clubs and communities supported by PlayHandball.

Start supporting a Community Handball Club

Please write to us if you would like to support another club, or if you have an idea of who we should support!