Many grassroots development organisations suffer from a lack of funding and/or manpower to perform their development programmes effectively. In addition the organisations don’t have the possibilities to acquire new knowledge, especially with regard to learn a “new” sport. PLAY HANDBALL is aiming to fill this gap. We support community-based developmental organisations with capacity-building and skill-development by offering knowledge, resources and volunteers. Therefore we are looking for skilled volunteers who are able to assist within our partnerships and share their passion for handball and expertise in coaching.

  • Volunteers must be 18 years old or older
  • Volunteers must be an experienced handball player or coach and/ or have a handball-specific coaching certificate (nice to have, but this is not a requisite)
  • Volunteers must be fluent in English
  • Volunteers must be have a hands-on mentality, be good communicators, and be open-minded to working with other cultures and in different social environments

As a PLAY HANDBALL volunteer, you will assist one of our partner organisations to implement handball in their communities and programmes. You will train youth and kids in handball and assist local young leaders and coaches to increase their skills in handball. Volunteers will also work with schools (both primary and secondary) and organise after-school, extra-mural programs. You will work directly with one of our partner organisations, who will guide you within the community and provide you with a working schedule for your work with the organisation.

In all your work, you should always be cognisant of the fact that encouraging participation from both girls and boys is important for a well-rounded youth development programme.

You will be placed with a local community-based sports and/or youth-development organisation within our network. You will work mainly in schools, within potentially foreign communities and different social environments. These areas vary between both urban and rural.

Currently, we support and work with organisations in South Africa, Kenya and Botswana.

Send us your application to:, RE: Volunteer. Please remember to provide the following details with your enquiry:

  • Brief motivational letter (1 page) – in English
  • Your personal details (CV) – in English
  • The period and starting date you wish to volunteer for
  • A reference letter from your handball club
  • Handball coaching certificate from your national federation or letter from your club to proof coaching experience (if applicable)

PLAY HANDBALL offers volunteer programs from 1300 € for 2 month (1850 € for 3 month)*.

* Excluding fly, travel and medical insurance and VISA costs; Placement in Cape Town are without food.

Volunteers pay a fee that covers the costs of their stay, helps us to run our programme and get in return a unique experience. You will experience South African culture and get to see the beautiful country, learn some new skills and make a difference to those in need. As well as making many new friends and memories, that last a lifetime!

PLAY HANDBALL provides pre-departure and in-country support, will place you with a local organisation, organises lodging and accommodation in a local host family or similar accommodation*, welcome & orientation days to prepare your for your work in the community and assists with VISA for South Africa.

Throughout the course of the entire volunteer period, it is the interns own responsibility to source funding for airfare, VISA costs, travel and medical insurance, required vaccinations, personal activities/travel, and incidentals.


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