Handball is all about community. In times of the worldwide corona crisis more than ever. For this reason the Wild Boys from TVB Stuttgart decided to support the organisation PlayHandball in Africa. This is done within the framework of the social initiative of the TVB, “Die Blaue Brücke” (Blue Bridge). Since January 2020, all TVB employees have donated 1% of their salary to social causes.

Normally, the first donations would have gone to the organisation “Share & Play”, which the former Spanish national player Carlos Prieto founded in Stuttgart. However, as it is currently not possible to work at schools, the TVB and Carlos Prieto have decided to help PlayHandball. This should not be a one-off action. Rather, the TVB is officially supporting PlayHandball from the new season onwards with the initiative of the “Blaue Brücke”.

“We’re glad to get the help. But even more grateful are the families whom we can support with the donation. I am in constant exchange with the partners in the local projects in South Africa and also with our PlayHandball coordinator in Kenya. The situation is not easy, but everyone remains positive and works together to overcome this difficult time”, says Nicola Scholl, founder of PlayHandball about the current support of the Handball Bundesliga club, “The donations are used locally for Corona aid packages for needy families of handball kids in South Africa and Kenya. In Kenya, 78 families have already benefited from this aid. Food, hygiene products and corona information as well as fitness exercises are provided in an aid package. In South Africa, the community of Lavender Hill/Seawinds in Cape Town is currently receiving particular support. A porridge kitchen was set up there as part of a handball afternoon programme. Every day, between 150 and 200 people, many children, receive a daily warm meal there. The cones are currently not used for handball training but as spacers and as small stations where during the waiting period either information on prevention of Covid-19 can be obtained or a small fitness challenge can be completed. This keeps everyone positive, healthy and fit.

Sim (PHZA), Laura (PH Volunteer) and Philipp (TVB Stuttgart) in Cape Town, January 2020

“It is nice to see that two similar social organisations like PlayHandball and “Share & Play” support each other in this difficult phase. It is important for us that 100% of our donations reach the project and are used wisely. At the beginning of the year I was able to convince myself personally on site that this is the case with Nicola and her team and that they give everything for the local people. In connection with handball we want to give the kids a better future. In the current phase, however, the main focus is on providing food for the children and their families in Kenya and South Africa,” says Philipp Klaile, Head of Marketing & Communication at TVB.

Nicola Scholl concludes: “It is really great that we are part of the “Blaue Brücke”. The cooperation with the TVB gives us the opportunity to plan for the long term and also to make our activities for handball in Germany better known. Although we work in Africa, many young German handball players have already been here as volunteers. Thus PlayHandball also contributes to a connection between different cultures and countries. And of course it would also be nice to welcome one or the other handball player from TVB on site in South Africa or Kenya and to invite him to a small trial training. The kids would love it!”

About the “Blaue Brücke” – the social initiative of the TVB:
The TVB is aware of its social responsibility and wants to live up to it. This is why the club has launched the social initiative “Blaue Brücke”. In this way the TVB wants to bundle forces and reach social institutions or projects. The TVB is committed to inclusion, diversity and tolerance. All players, coaches and employees of TVB have agreed, inspired by “Common Goal”, to donate 1% of their salary to a social organisation. The Wild Boys support the organization Share & Play, which was founded by the former Spanish national handball player Carlos Prieto, and in the future Play Handball.

Further information about the TVB Stuttgart at: www.tvbstuttgart.de

Article by Ruwen Möller, Presse Play Handball, 06. June 2020

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