It’s a tough time for the world due to Covid 19. And this has not left Kenya behind. Carol Nange, PlayHandball co-ordinator in Kenya gives a report. 

Having the majority of the population depending on hand to mouth lifestyle, they are under pressure since most jobs have been closed down, working far from home is impossible due to high transport cost as the numbers to be accommodated in a bus have been reduced by half. Which has made it even more difficult to comprehend the situation. Cases are rising day to day, as much as we as the nation are trying any possible means to bring the curve to its knees.

Working in the developing world, have proven tougher due to restrictions of movement and measures taken to help in preventing the spread of Covid-19. In Kenya no gathering or sports activities are allowed, schools are closed and this has put all PlayHandball’s sports activities on hold, too.

However, in every challenge there is always something we can do as a sport for development organisation. As PlayHandball Kenya (PHKE) we work with underpriviliged communities and schools. Families in these areas are the most affected by this pandemic, which is seriously affecting their way of life. It has reached a point they are unable to put a meal on their table or pay their rent. Their lives shattered without knowing what to do anymore. It is with a great heart through ONE TEAM and donation of many friends and supporters in Germany, that we have been able to support where we can at least. We made sure that 82 families in Kenya received one of our Corona aid packages. 26 aid packages consisting of food, hygiene products, corona information and fitness tips have reached 26 families in Machakos, 30 in the Juja area and 26 in Kisumu; a total of 413 people who have benefited from the aid.

We are all hopeful that very soon we will be able to resume our daily activities as we learn how to live with the virus. Plans are underway if the country opens up for international flights to welcome our volunteers from German and more so to train local coaches as schools reopen. This is to ensure that we can meet the strong demand from schools, which showed a high level of interest in our school program before the outbreak of the pandemic.

In order to keep up with the adapted world, we will launch an online coaching course to help our local trainers to improve their skills, learn new methods, be active even with limitations, support children in their communities and use this time constructively.

Articel by Carol Nange, PHKE, Nairobi, Kenya, 15-06-2020.

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